Angela Stultz

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Author, Civil Society Specialist


Angela Stultz is driven by her spiritual relationship with the Creator to facilitate the process for vulnerable individuals, especially women and youth, to empower themselves. She has combined a strong faith in the redemptive potential of every individual with multi-faceted community development approaches and a strong team effort to make a difference in people’s lives and communities. For over twenty years Angela has worked in community transformation, gaining expertise in NGO management and strategic planning, peace building, youth empowerment and social inclusion, with attention to gender and vulnerable groups.


Angela earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and a Master’s Degree in Management Studies, majoring in organizational development.  She served as the Executive Director of the S-Corner Clinic and Community Development organization in an inner city community in Kingston Jamaica, then went on to manage the Rose Town Foundation for the Built Environment, implementing an urban Land Regulation program in another inner city area on behalf of the Prince’s Foundation for Community Engagement, UK.


Angela is the author of Signs and Wonders: Sojourn in the Inner-city, an award winning finalist in the American Best Book Fest 2019 (narrative Nonfiction category). Signs and Wonders is a collection of ten true stories: of people’s hope and resilience, tangible interventions, and the triumphs and seeming miracles in the face of trials and despair.  She has just published her first children’s Caribbean story book Ameliya Disappears.


She has a number of published works on the social divide in Jamaica and has presented internationally on her research. She is the recipient of various Awards including the “Wooden Shoe Award” from the Netherlands Embassy, an award usually made to Government Representatives, as well as the Prime Minister’s Award for Community and Youth Development.

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