Dr. Sobia Shaikh (she/her)


Dr. Sobia Shaheen Shaikh is a faculty member at the School of Social Work at Memorial University in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. She is a social work educator, antiracist-feminist activist, researcher, mother and writer. As a community-engaged researcher, Sobia’s work focuses on supporting antiracist and social justice praxes. Her scholarship spans across many different social concerns, including racism and racialization, violence against women, girls and non-binary folks, resettlement and relocation policy in coastal NL, disability education policy and practice, and antiracist and social justice praxes in advocacy and non-profit organizations.


Sobia continues to learn from activists and artists of diverse backgrounds. As an activist, she sits on several boards and committees. Most notably, she co-chairs the Anti-Racism Coalition of NL (ARC-NL) and the Addressing Islamophobia in NL project, where she is often sought for her expertise on anti-racism and equity work in the province and nationally. As well, Sobia is a creative writer, and a founding member of The Quilted Collective of Racialized NL Writers and of the BIPOC Creators Collective.