Rana Bokhari

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Rana is a lawyer, a politician, an entrepreneur, and a public speaker. Her legal practice is focused on First Nations Employment Law and key governance issues. She offers a more holistic approach for managing crisis situations by guiding her clients through every step of the crisis management process, from preparation to response.


In 2013, Rana pursued a career in politics. She was the first female Muslim, first woman of color, and the youngest person to be elected Party Leader, not only in the history of the Manitoba Liberal Party but also in the history of politics in Manitoba.


Even though her career is demanding and diverse, Rana is passionately dedicated to public service and is involved in various community relations programs and charitable organizations, speaking on Intersectional feminism, racism, fighting for women’s rights, and travelling across Canada advocating for women in leadership.


In 2016 her captivating Tedx spoke about her experience as a young, Pakistani, Muslim Women in Leadership.


As her history and experience suggests, Rana is the ideal candidate to speak on intersectional feminism, affecting women of colour in the post-COVID era.

TedX - Breaking Traditional Gender, Age, and Religious Barriers

Facebook - rana.bokhari.50

Instagram - @rana_bokhari

Twitter - @rana4manitoba

Website - https://www.ranabokhari.com/​

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