Sherry Antone

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I am a citizen of the Oneida Nation of the Thames and a devoted advocate for the rights and interests of First Nations Peoples including members of the BIPOC community. For the better part of my professional career, I’ve worked in the realm of political advocacy and social change for First Nations within Canada. My advocacy aspirations led me to work in senior positions with provincial and national organizations such as the Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians, the Chiefs of Ontario, and the Assembly of First Nations where I am currently the Senior Director of the Rights and Justice Branch. In 2015, I achieved a Masters from the Indigenous Governance program at the University of Victoria and more recently obtained a law degree from the University of Ottawa. My education and experience fuels my efforts to help other underrepresented groups find their voice. Now more important than ever, it is vital that we include voices of the underrepresented in places of political power and influence. As a board member for Equal Voice I can help ensure these voices, opinions and positions are a priority and that space is created for the inclusion of people of colour, black, Indigenous, and the LGTQ2 communities.

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